Koreatown by emamd

My neighborhood is a working-class place where Latinos and Koreans live alongside Bangladeshis and the occasional white person. Even if you aren't from here you might have heard about the HMS Bounty but OB Bear is more of a local secret. People come here to enjoy looking for parking. If I had to use one word to describe my community it would be walkable.  Flag as offensive

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  • the HMS Bounty
  • Koreans
  • diverse
  • latinos
  • good food
  • the Wiltern
  • humans
  • looking for parking
  • working class minorities
  • alcohol and food
  • the [former] Ambassador Hotel
  • working-class
  • kbbq!
  • Latinos and Koreans
  • Bangladeshis and the occasional white person
  • burgeoning
  • all the Korean BBQ
  • gangbangers
  • other humans