Los Feliz by lily

My neighborhood is a sleepy place where yoga moms live alongside established hipsters. Even if you aren't from here you might have heard about Little Dom's but McCall's Meat & Fish Co is more of a local secret. People come here to enjoy hiking. If I had to use one word to describe my community it would be home.  Flag as offensive

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  • hiking
  • walkable
  • hipsters
  • Skylight Books
  • Griffith Park
  • the Dresden
  • Little Dom's
  • beautiful
  • McCall's Meat & Fish Co
  • famous achitecture
  • yoga moms
  • people
  • young families and yuppies
  • walk ability
  • awesome
  • wildlife -- seriously, coyotes stalk the streets
  • sleepy
  • fantastic
  • celebrities
  • the neighborhood