Koreatown by mar2194

My neighborhood is a diverse place where humans live alongside other humans. Even if you aren't from here you might have heard about the Wiltern but Chapman Market is more of a local secret. People come here to enjoy good food. If I had to use one word to describe my community it would be alive.  Flag as offensive

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  • the HMS Bounty
  • Koreans
  • diverse
  • latinos
  • good food
  • the Wiltern
  • humans
  • looking for parking
  • working class minorities
  • alcohol and food
  • the [former] Ambassador Hotel
  • working-class
  • kbbq!
  • Latinos and Koreans
  • Bangladeshis and the occasional white person
  • burgeoning
  • all the Korean BBQ
  • gangbangers
  • other humans