Long Beach, define your city

Don Bartletti / Los Angeles Times
My city is a/an place where live alongside . Even if you aren't from here you might have heard about but is more of a local secret. People come here to enjoy . If I had to use one word to describe my community it would be .
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Top terms: What your neighbors are saying

  • everyone
  • Queen Mary
  • great
  • the Queen Mary
  • diverse
  • all
  • Belmont Shore
  • the Aquarium
  • the beach
  • awesome
  • poor
  • other people
  • people of all class, race and sexual identity
  • nuclear white families
  • wide-ranging
  • the many many dogs
  • sunshine & cool breezes
  • old-timers
  • interesting
  • the outdoors, the parks and the beach